by Ivan K. Makoku, Director(AirNox Pty Ltd) | March 17, 2023

Why Should You Buy AdBlue® in Bulk And How to Keep it Safe!

Did you know what the generic name for AdBlue® is? Well, you will be familiar with the name AdBlue® if you drive modern diesel engine across South Africa, Africa, Europe, Australia, India, China and many countries however other countries in the world cannot relate because they have different name for AdBlue®. Let us help you, the generic name for AdBlue® is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

AdBlue® is the brand name, it is the registered trademark for AUS32 and it is manufactured following ISO 22241 standard. So, if you have a modern diesel personal car or commercial/bus (heavy goods vehicles) fleet, contact AirNox. We are your local AdBlue® manufacturer and  bulk AdBlue® supplier in South Africa and across the African continent.


Why Buy AdBlue® in Bulk? Is It Beneficial?

We will put money back into your pockets or money back into your business if you purchase AdBlue® in bulk because you can buy bulk AdBlue® at the best economical rate and store it easily at your premise. The diesel exhaust fluid has 12 month shelf-life in South Africa provided you store it according to ISO 22241 standard and below 30 Degrees Celsius. If you buy bulk AdBlue®, you will save money on transportation of the AdBlue®.

Place an order for AdBlue® storage tank along with AdBlue® containers in bulk from AirNox and maintain your diesel engine. So, it is crystal clear why it is beneficial to buy AdBlue® in bulk. If you are not sure about bulk purchase, give AirNox a call or send us WhatsApp message on Please contact the high quality AdBlue® supplier in South Africa/Africa on 011 914 0123. AirNox manufacture and supplies AdBlue® in bulk containers from 5000 Litre to 30,000 Litre or more volumes depending on customer’s needs. AirNox provide competitive rates in South Africa/Africa and worst-case scenario, we will price match the competitors across Africa.


How to Store Bulk AdBlue® Safely?

bulk AdBlue supplier

AdBlue® contains 32.5% technical grade urea which turns Nitrogen oxide (NOx) into natural friendly diatomic nitrogen and water. No doubt, it reduces the nitrogen oxide emission in the exhaust system using the Selective Catalyst Reductions system. Though, there are a few things to maintain when you want to store a large amount of AdBlue® for a longer period of up to 36 months.

  • You need to buy specific material made AdBlue® storage tanks from a reliable supplier. AirNox supply high quality AdBlue® storage tanks.
  • The tank should be made using polyethylene material inside and fibre glass outside. Make sure the inner tank reinforcement is finished with galvanized steel. Steel does not cause any harm to AdBlue®.
  • The storage tank should be kept away from direct sunlight, dust, or any type of foreign element. A tiny particle of foreign material can contaminate the whole tank of AdBlue® and cause harm on the exhaust system.
  • Store your AdBlue® tanks under 30º Celsius to prevent hydrolysis. Hydrolysis reduces the strength of AdBlue® as well as its shelf-life.
  • Our AdBlue® tanks are designed to cool down the AdBlue®, we have double bunded AdBlue® storage tanks designed to reduce the temperature.
  • You must ensure the AdBlue® tanks stay away from inflammable materials.
  • AdBlue® can be stored for up to 36 months however it will have to be kept under 10 Degrees Celsius.


Attention Required!

Use the genuine AdBlue® pump kit while you fill the AdBlue® tank on your car, van, equipment, or other diesel engine vehicles. The quality of the AdBlue® pump kit also have impact on the quality of the AdBlue® and the safety of the product. Buy an anti-spill nozzle for your AdBlue® pump kit for safe dispensing of the AdBlue®.



When you are looking for a bulk  AdBlue® supplier in South Africa / Africa, AirNox has a reputation that is second to none in the industry. We deliver AdBlue® to your doorstep within 2 to 4 days. You can buy small/bulk quantities of AdBlue® by visiting or