by Ivan K. Makoku, Director(AirNox Pty Ltd) | February 4, 2024

Where to Buy AdBlue® in South Africa? Refilling AdBlue® is not a chore, rather simple!

There are many vehicle owners using diesel-powered engines who believe that using AdBlue® in their car is a chore. If you are one of them and get stuck in time of re-filling the AdBlue® tank in your vehicle then this blog is for you. Moreover, if you are looking for a reliable AdBlue® supplier in South Africa or in Africa, then click here to find where to buy AdBlue® in South Africa.

AdBlue® is not frequently available at pumps and highway service stops due to lack of legislation to reduce carbon emissions, low demand across the African continent and scarcity of AdBlue® suppliers. This is a serious problem not only in South Africa but in the entire Africa continent. AirNox, a leading manufacturer of AdBlue® makes the product available online through their website for retail buyers with doorstep delivery and bulk purchase from their warehouse at Boksburg. It can be stored as well for longer period of time. In this blog we would guide you with everything that you would need to know in order to buy AdBlue® in South Africa and/or Africa. However if you need to know in detail on how to store AdBlue® for longer period of time, you can read this blog.


Using/Re-Filling AdBlue® isn’t a Chore

So, coming back to the initial discussion of, whether using AdBlue® and/or re-filling the AdBlue® tank is a chore? Now a straight and simple response to this would be, using AdBlue® and refilling the AdBlue® tanks in the vehicle is not a chore, rather very easy.

Here is how we can keep it safe and simple:

  • Use only the highest quality and guaranteed quality ISO 22241 standard AdBlue® for your vehicle.
  • Buy AdBlue® in South Africa or Africa from a certified AdBlue® seller like AirNox.
  • Use only ISO 22241 quality-compliant IBC container/Barrel/Drum to store AdBlue® in bulk.
  • Use only AdBlue® compliant pump kit and AdBlue® nozzle to dispense AdBlue®.

Precaution: There is nothing to get worried of when you use or re-fill AdBlue® as it contains 67.5% deionised water and 32.5% SCR urea. Thus, it would not create any hazard if it gets spilled accidentally.

However, for health precautions, use hand gloves when you re-fill your car AdBlue® tank and if AdBlue® gets spilled over your car or your skin, rinse it with water immediately.


What to Do If You Pour AdBlue® in Fuel Tank or Diesel in AdBlue® Tank?

  • Firstly, do not panic.
  • Next, do not make an attempt to start your engine as this may lead to serious damage to your car engine.
  • Do not try to move your vehicle.
  • The tank needs to be completely drained and the best way to do it is to call a professional car mechanic to do it safely.

And, if you accidentally pour diesel into the AdBlue® tank in the vehicle and start your engine, it can damage the SCR system. So, if anytime you experience such a situation, call professionals to remove the fluids instead of doing it yourself.


Point to Remember:

AdBlue® is not a metal friendly liquid and also reacts with few other materials. Hence, when accidentally comes in contact with the fuel system, pipework, and other internal components of the vehicle, it may lead to unwanted damage to your car as well as an increase the maintenance bill. Hence use proper accessories and funnel to fill AdBlue®. To buy proper device you can check this website, they are the authorized seller for AdBlue® and accessories.

Where to Buy AdBlue® in South Africa/Africa?

As discussed earlier, where to buy AdBlue® in South Africa, contact a reliable trademark seller like AirNox.

AirNox manufacture and distribute the highest-quality AdBlue® which is ISO 22241 compliant. They deliver nationwide in an extensive range of packs like 5,10, 20, 210, 1000 Litre and even in bulk and at a very competitive price. You can order online or collect the order from their factory at Boksburg. For detail information on bulk AdBlue® click here.