by Ivan K. Makoku, Director(AirNox Pty Ltd) | March 22, 2023

Buying AdBlue® Pump Kit for AdBlue® Dispensing

Facts & Necessities

It is not only in Europe but also in South Africa where AdBlue® (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is a legal requirement for diesel vehicles that are fitted with selective catalytic reduction. Moreover, it is advised to use only high-quality AdBlue® to meet the NOx standards and keep the air pollution level in check.

Maintaining the quality of AdBlue® is not only the responsibility of the supplier/distributor but it is also the responsibility of the customer. It is imperative to use the correct equipment when dispensing AdBlue® from the AdBlue® storage tank/1000L IBC or/and 210L drum. So, be extra cautious to buy an AdBlue® pump kit to keep the AdBlue® out of contamination and maintain the exhaust system of the vehicle.

Why Should You Buy AdBlue® Pump Kit?

If you have just bought a modern commercial vehicle using diesel engine in South Africa, we assume you read our blogs and have much knowledge about AdBlue® and what it is used for? If you are using AdBlue® on commercial vehicles, you will need to buy AdBlue® pump kit which can be used on 200/210L drums and/or 1000L IBC drums AdBlue® containers. AirNox supply AdBlue® pump kit for 200/210L drums and 1000L IBC drums.

AirNox Electric AIR210B AdBlue® Pump Kit

AdBlue® is very prone to contamination. Be it any foreign material or an incorrect pump kit material selection. AdBlue® has a higher chance of getting contaminated. Thus, you should be very selective to consider the AdBlue® dispensing solution (pump kit) to transfer the AdBlue® from the bulk containers to the AdBlue® tank in your vehicle/equipment.

What Should an AdBlue® Pump Kit Have?

No doubt, you can find a wide range of AdBlue® pump kits while you are searching online and/or offline. Always consider the top-class, high-performance, quality-built pump kit to maintain the safety of your vehicle, SCR system and the environment. Time to know the features that a quality graded AdBlue® pump must have.



  • Stable and fully automatic filling
  • Measuring accuracy
  • Pressure control of the fluid flow
  • Auto self-shutoff
  • Sealing nozzle
  • The pump which can record the volume of AdBlue® transferred for a single time or cumulative filling
  • Power-off protection to save the motor of the pump



  • Plastic self
  • Stainless steel sealing nozzle with bracket
  • Digital flowmeter
  • Electronic diaphragm pump


The specifications and makes of pump kits vary from design to design.

Where to Buy the Best AdBlue® Pump Kit in South Africa/Africa?

You can visit or to buy high-quality and durable AdBlue® pump kits at a reasonable price. AirNox is a local AdBlue® partner in South Africa and across the African continent. Along with the highest-quality AdBlue®, we supply different types of AdBlue® pump kits:

  • AirNox Manual AIR210 Pump kit
  • AirNox Electric Air210B Pump Kit
  • AirNox 1000L IBC Pump Kit
  • AirNox EB-Air05 AdBlue® Lever Pump kit


You can buy a pump kit according to your needs and container size from AirNox’s official site and pay online, you can also collect the pump kit from AirNox factory in Boksburg east industrial, you don’t need to pay the shipping charges. AirNox can deliver for customers based in South Africa however we do not deliver the pump kit across the African continent. Customers from outside South Africa are encouraged to make their own arrangements or can contact our sales team for further advise.


You can use the AdBlue® pump kit with water-based products, hydraulic oils, lubricants, urea, soaps, and many more products but don’t use the pump kit to transfer flammable liquids or products that are non-compatible with the pump construction material. It can contaminate and damage the pump kit. If you are not sure, please contact AirNox for further guidance.