by Ivan K. Makoku, Director(AirNox Pty Ltd) | January 25, 2023

Benefits of AdBlue® Exhaust Fluid and Its Availability Near You

AdBlue®/DEF is one of the essentials of diesel-driven vehicles fitted with SCR system. So, if you are an owner of a modern diesel-driven car, van, lorry, or bus then you should be aware you could buy AdBlue® online and get it delivered to your home while your vehicle is on the go. If you have bought a diesel-driven vehicle just now and desired to know about AdBlue®, please read this article till the end. Certainly, it would boost your knowledge on benefits of AdBlue®.

AdBlue® and Its Benefits

AdBlue® is not a fuel or additive. It is a diesel exhaust fluid that puts a check on pollution control. AdBlue® with the combination of SCR (selective catalytic Reduction) technology, breaks the NOx (nitrogen oxide) into the water and harmless nitrogen. When the temperature of your vehicle increases and it is about to emit, the AdBlue® is sprayed into the exhaust system which converts the AdBlue® into ammonia and water.

The contact between ammonia and NOx within the SCR system converts the harmful nitrogen oxide into the water and harmless nitrogen. So, when your vehicle has AdBlue®, it can perform better and safer. Let us have a look at the benefits of AdBlue® to your car.

  • It increases the life of your vehicle engine, exhaust system and performance of the vehicle.
  • It can reduce diesel consumption by average of 5% depending on the engine size and the driver behaviour which means it can save you money on diesel by average of 5%.
  • It reduces the emission of harmful nitrogen oxide by converting it into nitrogen and water.
  • It saves air from pollution by up to 80%.

It is good to buy AdBlue® from AirNox/AirNoxblue to refill your AdBlue® tank. AdBlue® can be stored by up to 12 months provided you follow our storage guidelines.

Which Car Uses AdBlue®?

Which Car Uses AdBlue? benefits of adBlue

Majority of modern diesel vehicles use AdBlue® to reduce the harmful substance to the environment. Vehicles registered after 2015 September can use AdBlue® safely. Manufacturers like Jaguar, Land Rover, and/or many French and German manufacturers advise AdBlue® for diesel vehicles. If you have an old model vehicle and you are not sure whether the vehicle needs AdBlue®, please check the notes mentioned below.

  • Check the handbook of your vehicle.
  • Check whether the car has an AdBlue® tank installed next to its fuel filter or under its bonnet or in the boot.
  • If the car model name contains SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) or Blue, it uses AdBlue®.

If you are not sure about all the notes mentioned above, you should ask the car dealer without delay. Because running an AdBlue® car without AdBlue® is not at all good for the car’s performance, longevity and the vehicle will not be able to restart the engine when the AdBlue® tank is completely empty.

Where Can I Buy AdBlue®?

You can buy AdBlue®/DEF from or It is a safe as well as an affordable option. Moreover, if you place an order for AdBlue® in bulk, you can save huge amount of money due to the large volumes. We can provide AdBlue® in the following containers: 5, 10, 20, 210, 1000 litre and bulk deliveries of AdBlue®.

If you don’t prefer to purchase AdBlue® online, please contact our customer service team and they will guide you. You can transfer the funds into AirNox account and AdBlue® will be delivered to you and/or you can collect it in our Boksburg factory.


Keep the AdBlue® in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. If the AdBlue® comes in contact with direct sunlight and over 30-degree Celsius temperature for long period, it can reduce the power of AdBlue® and shelf life. So, be cautious while storing it and follow our guidelines which can be found on