AdBlue® Urea


Selective Catalytic Reduction Urea/AdBlue Urea


Urea is a white, organic crystalline substance that is usually odourless and highly soluble in water. It can be produced in different forms such as granular, prills, and it contains 46% nitrogen.

AdBlue Urea is used to produce AdBlue which is used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to neutralise the harmful nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) pollutants in exhaust gases produced when engines utilised diesel.

The nitrogen oxides (NOx) are dangerous to the environment, and their accumulation in the cloud can cause acid rain, global warming, and smog (the brownish haze that could threaten drivers’ visibility). Nitrogen oxides can damage the human respiratory tract as well as causing burns when they come in contact with the eyes.

To reduce the effects of nitrogen oxides, many countries have adopted the use of AdBlue, which requires urea for its production. The AdBlue Urea, also known as SCR Urea or Technical Grade Urea, is an uncoated type of urea, and it is mainly used to producing AdBlue, AUS40 and Marine Urea, depending on their concentrations.

AdBlue/AUS32/ARLA32 solutions consist of 32.5% of urea, while AUS40 and Marine Urea have 40% urea respectively.

Automotive Grade Urea produce AdBlue that meets the ISO 22241 specification (it is uncoated and aldehyde- and heavy metals-free). The Technical Grade Urea remains the only suitable urea for the production of AdBlue/AUS32/ARLA32 solutions used in road vehicles, off-road equipment, railway locomotives, power generators, and agricultural machinery.

When injected into a vehicle’s exhaust system, urea (AdBlue) is hydrolyzed into ammonia. The ammonia then reacts with nitrogen oxides to form the harmless nitrogen gas (N2) and water. The water can be released through the exhaust pipes, while the safe nitrogen gas escapes to the atmosphere.

Some benefits of AdBlue for vehicle owners include improving the efficiency and cleanliness of their vehicles’ engines and increasing their cars’ miles per gallon (MPG). For those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, AdBlue makes it possible for them to reduce the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides emitting from their exhaust pipes.

When compared with ammonia, urea is easier to store and safer to handle. Urea prill is a base material in various industries and chemical processes, and its usage continues to increase all over the world.

As a distributor of high-grade urea, AirNox is capable of maintaining a continuous supply of urea to our customers. At AirNox, we can offer urea prill/granular in 1000kg big bags or in 25kg sacks.