by Ivan K. Makoku, Director(AirNox Pty Ltd) | December 20, 2022

AdBlue® Shortage Highlights Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

AdBlue®, an essential diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for the majority of European and African modern trucks/vehicles, it is in low supply in some parts of the world. Without AdBlue®, most modern trucks come to a halt, posing a threat to the logistic sector in some countries.

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Let us throw some light on this current topic for those who require it:

Why is AdBlue® required for diesel vehicles?

AdBlue® aids in the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from vehicle exhaust. Euro 6 emissions standards, which apply to all vehicles manufactured after September 2015, place extremely strict limits on the amount of NOx that can legally be emitted.

What happens if your AdBlue® runs out?

In order to limit emissions, if you run out of AdBlue® while driving, the engine’s power and performance will be lowered. If the AdBlue® tank is empty when you stop, the engine will not start. When the AdBlue® tank is nearly empty, the automobile will notify you.

Why is there an AdBlue® scarcity?

The situation is caused by a global urea shortage. Urea is a critical component of AdBlue®. The component costs have risen due to supply and demand imbalances, forcing AdBlue® production to plummet. It is commercially produced in large quantities from liquid ammonia and liquid carbon dioxide.

Under high pressures and temperatures, these two compounds mix to form ammonium carbamate, which then decomposes at much lower pressures to yield urea and water.

Due to an ammonia shortage, an important German business had halted production: “We are running dry.” “We are emptying our stockpiles since we are no longer manufacturing,” SKW Piesteritz’s spokesman said.

Prices are rising not only in Germany, but all throughout the world.

The impact on the supply chain

Another chain reaction of a fragile supply chain awaits the logistics sector: this time, it is the product of globalisation, which broadens supply linkages while increasing their vulnerability. Overall (though not always), economies of scale make it more efficient and cost-effective to have one large plant in one location rather than several small factories dispersed throughout the globe. When something happens to that one factory, the problem begins.

What is one feasible solution?

Some suppliers are considering LNG (liquefied natural gas) vehicles. “We’re still doing very well with this oncoming problem, putting out fires step by step, “communication with our partners is critical for finding short- and long-term solutions.” SKW Piesteritz’s spokesman said.

The media is debating various solutions:

  • International imports BASF is expanding its local production.
  • Engines are being remapped to tolerate lower-grade additives.
  • Most urea-based product exports are prohibited.
  • Working on trade agreements between governments.


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